Small Quantity Production

Meet your Small MOQ

POPSHOWROOM believes that“From small beginning come great things". Analysing market demands, most fashion brands find it challenging to meet factory minimums for clothes production at their startup stage. In POPSHOWROOM our Flexible Supply Chain makes it possible. We integrate manufacturing resources including Textile, Embroidery, Printing and Dyes Workshop to build a flexible manufactuing capacity which makes SMALL MOQ accepted in POPSHOWROOM.

Our Services

1、OEM - Original Design

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is more flexible but also a complex principle. This method of clothing manufacturing lets POPSHOWROOM create clothes based on your designs and specifications. Our factory is simply your worker if you pick the OEM clothing manufacturer route, all of the designs and ideas are completely yours but for us to create.

Starts at 30pcs MOQ - BASIC STYLES

2、ODM Collection: 2-30 pcs MOQ

*You can customized if you order 30 pcs and above.

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer, which is also known as a private label clothing manufacturer. This method of clothing manufacturing lets POPSHOWROOM create clothing products out of our own designs and specifications but will let you put your own brand labels on these clothing products. This method is convenient for those who do not have any designs and ideas as we can provide them for you instantly. It would be up to you to decide which design you choose to manufacture or mass-produce.

3、Custom Printing: Starts at 30 PCS MOQ

Custom Printing means that you can get any image artwork you need for your apparel, in any size and placements. If you can provide High Definition file ( PSD, AI file ), printing efficiency will be higher, and the final image will be more clear.

4、Custom Design: ODM Select and Customize

POPSHOWROOM offers more than 8000 items online for you to choose and customize. We offer 4 kinds of Custom Design:
① Printing
② Sleeves Modification
③ Size Customize
④ Colour & Fabric Customize

Starts at 30pcs MOQ - BASIC STYLES .

Labels & Hangtags

We found that many small brands still wondering about how to add their own tag to a small MOQ order. Usually those traditional OEM factories can offer the label service, but need to meet MOQ 3000. Obviously it's hard to reach for small fashion brands.
POPSHOWROOM's is well aware of the importance of tag for brand image building, and willing to offer small MOQ Private label services. Our label MOQ istarst at 30 pcs.
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