What is POPSHOWROOM Live-Stream?

      With the current restrictions for public events & travels, POPSHOWROOM LIVE STREAMING is the perfect solution for fashion brands to source for new products.
      Our Live-Stream allows buyers to view the products, view the latest collection, see the fabric quality, discuss ideas and ask any questions. Retailers & distributors can select and buy the garments to resell them in their own stores.
      Leave it to us, we will solve it for you!
      Join our Live-Stream now, you deserve better service!
      In the live show of POPSHOWROOM, you can see different categories of goods, various styles, fabrics and tailoring details, model dressing displays, or anything you want to see!
      In the live show, you can also ask any questions, whether it is delivery time, logistics, tariffs…we will have professionals to answer them one by one.

*Our Live-Stream time

1.Public Live-Stream

Pacific Time, every Wednesday at 23:00
Channel: Instagram

2.Private Live-Stream (1 to 1)

An appointment is required.
Opening appointment time:
Pacific Time: 21:30 PM -8:00 AM
London time: 2:30 AM -13:00 PM
Standard time: UTC+0: 1:30 AM -12:00 AM
Channel: Instagram

How to join our 1 to 1 Live-Stream?

      In just three steps, you can book a 1-to-1 private Live-Stream with us.
      To begin with, you need to have at least one offline store. This way we can learn about your city, local climate, and unique culture. In this way, we can recommend more styles suitable for your brand and arrange your exclusive Live-Stream on your preferred schedule.
      Second, you need to have your own brand and business registration.
      The products displayed in our Live-Stream are prepared based on your brand style and business line type. Therefore, we need to have a clear understanding of your brand and business to make better recommendations for you. Doing so allows you to quickly get the goods you want in the Live-Stream, instead of being unable to choose from a bunch of unwanted or unsuitable goods.
      Finally, we recommend that your single-color MOQ is not less than 100 pcs (mixed sizes). This can greatly save your costs. After all, the cost of ordering 1 T-shirt and 100 T-shirts is quite different. People in the clothing industry know this very well. We will arrange the most cost-effective way to place an order, professional quality inspection, and fast delivery logistics for you.
      If you do not have an appointment for the 1-to-1 Live-Stream request, or just want to know about the Live-Stream business, we welcome you to participate in our weekly public Live-Stream! We provide online Q&A in each Live-Stream. You can apply for a connection on Instagram, and our customer service will answer you directly.

Live-Stream application method

      You can directly fill in the information in the information box and submit it to us. We will review your application materials within 48 hours and email you the result of the appointment.
      You can also directly contact our online customer service. We will record your application information and reply to you within 48 hours.
      We will do a thorough research before the official Live Show and prepare products according to your needs.
      If you make an appointment now, you can participate in the Live Show 7 days later at the earliest.