About the HugePOD

1. Who is HugePOD?

We are the connection between e-commerce practitioners, boutique shop owners, designers, and professional apparel manufactures.
We are particularly focusing on building a flexible supply chain, real-time monitoring of fashion trends, efficient order fulfillment & delivery. We are building the optimal supply chain to offer you quality items at low minimum order quantity with fast delivery service, so that global customers can see, buy and afford the latest fashion items.
Having been actively engaged in the fashion manufacturing industry, we have established a network with a wide range of professional suppliers. We only choose the best of them to provide our customers with qualified, reliable items.
You can reach us in Beijing (China), Guangzhou (China), Hongkong (China), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New York (United States of America), maybe even more in the future.

2. What items can we do?

Both men and women  apparel can be produced, such as T-shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, shirts, jackets, casual suits, coat, etc. We can aslo provide fabric purchased service, if there is any special customization requirement, details can be consulted with our customer service.

Also we can offer Print-on-demand service, refer to our website www.hugepod.com if you need.


About Services

1. Is the final version of my pod exactly the same as the one I created online?
Right, the print will be totally based on your design.

2. What kinds of printing techniques can you do?
We can do silk-screen, DTG (direct-to-garment), reflective/holographic/foil special materials printing, and more.

3. Which positions can I choose to print?
Locations available for printing are front and back sides for the moment. Particularly, DTG has to be within the range of 15.8 in * 20.5 in (40 cm * 52 cm) and embroidery in the range of 11.9 in * 3.9 in (30 cm * 10 cm).

4. Is there any extra charge for the print?
There is no extra charge for that. The cost of one side is already included. If you like to have both sides printed, $2.99 will be automatically added for the other print.

5. What items are available for customized print?
T-shirts, dresses, swimwear now are all available for you to design. We are developing more items under the clothes category and will soon follow up with other related categories.Plus, all over print will be available soon as well.

6. Can I create print-on-demand only available on my computer?
Yes, designing on your PC would create a better user experience when it comes to drag-and-drop and zoom-in & zoom-out. For the moment POD is available only on PC.We are developing a mobile version as well, so please stay tuned.

7. Can I do POD with my own picture? Will it be copyrighted?
Absolutely, we always appreciate original ideas!
No worries, your design will be 100% copyrighted. We promise that we will not use your designs for any purpose other than producing your order.

8. I found I have uploaded the wrong image and would like to change it, but I have already placed an order, is it possible to redo the design?
If you would like to change the print, please contact our customer service within 24 hours after ordering.We are not able to cancel your order or revise your design beyond 24 hours, as then it has entered into the production phase.

9. Can I see the preview of my design?
Sure, the look of your design is automatically generated while you are creating, so you can change and adjust easily. The real version of your design will be made exactly based on the look you created.


About Orders

1. How to place an order on the website:

Enter the product interface -- select your favorite product -- Add to shopping cart -- confirmed and pay the order.
If you need to add your own custom neck labels, hangtags, wash labels and size labels on the garment. Please consult our customer service or email us to confirm the information before placing an order.

2. About the quotation

Our quotation includes: Product price + HugePOD basic tag + basic packaging. If you require special or customized packaging and tags, you will have to pay an extra fee. For details, please consult our customer service.
Note: The quotation of the sample order only includes the product price. If you have other special requirements, you need to pay extra related costs. 


Our quotation includes the tariff fee of international logistics. If you have to pay the supplementary tariff fee when you receive the goods, you can contact our customer service or directly send the relevant information to our official email: info@hugepod.com. We will reply and deal with your problem within 48 hours.

4. Customization

A. Orders less than 30 pieces do not support customized packaging materials; For orders of more than 30 pieces we can customize basic materials; orders of more than 500 pieces can support customized decorative accessories, such as buttons, zippers, metal tabs etc.

B. Our quotation of bulk goods materials includes basic material packaging, which includes main label, wash and care label, hangtags and poly packaging bags. Please refer to the website for the standards materials, and additional quotation is required if there are any special customized requirements.The minimum order quantity of separate purchase accessories needs to reach more than 2000 sets.

5. About the progress of the order

In addition to the email reminder from the website for the progress of each order, you may also to contact our customer service or the designated merchandiser assigned to you for orders and consultation.

6. Can I cancel my order?

Our customer service will help you with that within 24 hours after you place the order; however, it is not possible to cancel beyond 24 hours, as it has entered the production phase.


About the payment

At present, we only support Paypal account payment and bank transfer. We will add other payment methods in the future. Please pay attention to the announcement on the website and the notice on our official social media account.
Note: The quotation of our order does not include the payment procedures incurred when the payment is made. Please note.


About order timing and logistics

Timeliness of bulk orders:

For T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Shirt, Plain style with single color MOQ 5pcs, production leadtime is 7 working days; Coat/Suit, Wool knitting, Dress, Jeans/Bottoms and other single style with single color MOQ 30pcs, production leadtime is 15 working days;

DELIVER(BY AIR FREIGHT):10-20days for shipping

Note: All expiry dates  is exincluding holidays. In case of force majeure, the order might be delayed.

You wiill be given a Tracking Number for your package. 

* Due to incorrect address , customs clearance or other reasons, the time required may exceed the expected date.

* If the package delay, please contact customer service for support and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

3. About logistics costs

When you place an order online, the system will display the corresponding logistics cost according to your delivery address, country and order quantity;

Note: For BULK Shipping - Air Freight is our first option, if you have special transportation requirements, please contact customer service or business personnel first.

4. My order is delayed

Possible reasons if your cargo is delay:

◼ Parcel Delivery Failure

1. Multiple missed calls
2. Incorrect/incomplete the shipping address
3. Contact number is wrong/invalid
4. Modified the delivery address

If the package cannot be received within the delivery time due to any of the above reasons, please contact us as soon as possible with the correct contact number/address and expected delivery time.

◼ Subject to Force Majeure

1. Flight cancelled
2. Customs office on holiday
3. Government curfew

As the above reasons are force majeure, we apologies for the inconviniece caused. If the order delay is caused by the above reasons, we will announce it in HugePOD Social Accounts, please pay attention to the announcements.

5. My package is lost or damaged

Please contact our customer service or merchandiser within 7 days of receiving the order to assit you. If the goods are lost or damaged due to the factors of the freight party, we will re-deliver the goods as soon as possible according to the actual situation (If it's bulk orders, the production remake time will be longer) Please understand and wait patiently.

6. Countries/regions that supports to delivery

We support global delivery, but some regions and countries is excluded or might cause delays due to import /export factors, Please try to order in advance or contact our customer service for more information on Global Shipping.


Returns and refunds

1. Return/refund policy

① Any return or replacement of any defective/faulty/damaged goods must be made within 7 days after receipt of the ordered goods, please provide us with the order number, photo of the goods and all relevant references. We will process your return and exchange request within 7 working days.

② The following orders does not support Return / Refund;
· Tights, underwears, pajamas, swimsuits, socks, masks, and other items due to hygiene consideration.
· Sample items.
· Intentionally damaged items.
· Items exceeding the 7-day period from the date of receipt.
· Print-on-demand items printed based on your design, or items produced in accordance with your tech packs, but you subjectively judge that they are not what you order.
· Items of delayed delivery due to misinformation provided, regarding the receiptient phone number or shipping address.

2. Return/exchange conditions

① The return must be new, unworn, unused, and must keep the original package with the package intact. We do not accept returned items: items worn, damaged, washed or altered in any way;
② Unacceptable return of items: sending back the goods to us directly without contacting with us to confirm the product defect inspection;
③ For FULL refund buyer should ship back the samples at their own cost to our Head Office for inspection;
④  We do not provide freight collect (FTC) service to return the package to us, return shipping will be at your own expense;

Please note: Any unauthorized returns will be rejected by the warehouse.

3. Process of return/refund

① Send the refund application by email, list the reason for the refund, provide the order number, product picture or all relevant information and we will process your inqury within 7 working days.
②When applying for a refund, please indicate the refund channel and the details of the collection account. We will complete the refund after the review and approval of the refund reason and amount.


4. Why is the refund amount inconsistent with the amount paid

Since the delivery of the order has already incurred postage and VAT costs, some value amount of orders also need to pay customs fees, therefore:

①Transportation costs are not refunded;
②30% of the order amount will be charged as the refund tax;
③The refundable net amount is equal to the actual amount paid with the deduction of postage and refund tax;

Thank you for your support and understanding.